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Our Business

By focusing on getting goods to the customer faster, better controlled and more economically, Nashrah Shipping & Logistics Private Limited has developed from a traditional international freight forwarder to become a leading provider of integrated logistics and supply chain solutions.


Supply Chain Management

Our Supply chain management (SCM) is the combination of art and science that goes into improving the way your company finds the raw components it needs to make a product or service and deliver it to customers. The following are five basic components of our SCM.

1. Plan – This is the strategic portion of SCM. You need a strategy for managing all the resources that go toward meeting customer demand for your product or service. A big piece of planning is developing a set of metrics to monitor the supply chain so that it is efficient, costs less and delivers high quality and value to customers.


2. Source – Choose the suppliers that will deliver the goods and services you need to create your product. Develops a set of pricing, delivery and payment processes with suppliers and create metrics for monitoring and improving the relationships. And put together processes for managing the inventory of goods and services you receive from suppliers, including receiving shipments, verifying them, transferring them to your manufacturing facilities and authorizing supplier payments.


3. Make – This is the manufacturing step. Schedule the activities necessary for production, testing, packaging and preparation for delivery. As the most metric-intensive portion of the supply chain, measure quality levels, production output and worker productivity.


4. Deliver – This is the part that many insiders refer to as logistics. Coordinate the receipt of orders from customers, develop a network of warehouses, pick carriers to get products to customers and set up an invoicing system to receive payments.


5. Return – The problem part of the supply chain. Create a network for receiving defective and excess products back from customers and supporting customers who have problems with delivered products.

Warehousing & Distribution

At the core of the Nashrah Shipping and Logistics work ethic is the desire to meet and exceed customer expectations through innovative and complete supply chain solutions. We have a wide range of in-house capabilities but the real requirement is the total solution for the customer and as a result an extensive 4PL network has been established to ensure that all services can be covered from national transportation co-ordination, EDI and bar code requirements, inventory visibility, export packing through to corporate governance and GST compliance for overseas companies and even customs brokerage and freight forwarding services.

We have multiple operations around the globe and specially in United State of America with long standing collaboration in major cities of USA.


Multiple Distribution Channels

• We can distribute goods to multiple retail channels by direct to store and to Distribution center for main retailers.

• We have extensive Cross deck operations.

• We can distribute to specialty stores, industrial, commercial and wholesalers.

• We manages time slot bookings to all major distribution center.

• We handles parcel freight, pallet loads and full trailer loads.

• COD shipments possible.


Freight Management Systems

• Dispatch reports by carrier, destination, consignee.

• Pre-Alerts on email to yourself or direct to consignee

• Handles all freight types from airfreight, satchel, parcel, pallet and full loads.

• Transaction reports on all shipments (kg, chargeable weights) together with costing.

• Pallet control reports.